LM Vintage Tweed 57 Bandmaster

Lucas Miles Vintage Tweed 57 Bandmaster

Modeled on the 57 Bandmaster 5E7, this Lucas Miles Vintage Series amplifier faithfully replicates the sound of another of Leo Fender’s masterpieces.

Hand-wired t’out point to point with vintage style cotton sheath wiring for optimum signal transfer, with components laid out on fibreboards.The techniques used capture and faithfully create the beautiful vintage tone associated with vintage American amps.

Update April 2020. Cabinets are now available in finger jointed pine with genuine cloth tweed covering with shellac coating. Then relic'd if required. Call for prices.

Technical Specifications

• 26watts
• 3 x jensen p10r 25w spkrs
• carbon comp resistors t'out
• nos allan bradley 1w power resistors
• synergy royal blue coupling/tone capacitors
• sprague atom filter capacitors
• mercury magnetics output transformer
• tungsol 6L6GC o/p tubes
• jj, tungsol, eh preamp tubes
• ehx 5u4gb rectifier
• switchcraft jacks t’out
• cabinet 18mm birch ply
• amp weight 23.6 kg
• rrp. $2500