LM Vintage 63' Deluxe

The Lucas Miles Vintage 63' Deluxe

Builders Notes. The 63 Deluxe is an aquired taste , with its unique brown tone is one of those delightful character amps.Unlike the tweeds with their organic natural tones or the blackfaces with their scooped mids and chimey top end ,the 63 Deluxe has a very natural even response highlited by a low mid substance favored by jazz players ,or players chasing that early 60's soul sound, or hit the trem and she's ready for the delta blues. Produced in 62-63 it was Leo Fenders stepping stone from the tweed era through to the golden era of the blackfaces. With a hotter i/p stage, she breaks up earlier than the tweeds or blackfaces while the 6v6's natural compression produce the most magical overdriven sounds.We intially did a run of 4 , utilising different tone/ coupling caps. The original amps had Astrons, then Blue Molded capacitors and some had mix of both. We trialled the Jupiters , Sozos Blues & Mustards and Synergy's capacitors , all sounded pretty good , just subtle tone differences. My demo guitarists really had a hard time picking a decisive winner out of the 4 amps. Our speaker choices started with the jensen P12R and the Weber 12a125 . The weber had a slight bottom end bump , where the jensen response was much more even. So we went with the jensen , but later upgraded to the P12N which is sonically superior and handles the power better. So far so good. Now we're almost there.A bit of fine tuning to the power transfomers and its internal voltages was required and their we have it ...the sweet spot...glorious brownface tones.

Handwired point to point construction with boutique components , vintage correct, ..will give many years of reliable robust service.


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Technical Specifications

• 20watts into 8 ohms
• 1 x jensen p12n spkr.
• carbon comp resistors t'out
• nos allan bradley 1w power resistors
• synergy royal blue capacitors
• sprague atom filter capacitors
• mercury magnetics output transformer.
• eh 6v6 o/p tubes
• jj, tungsol, eh preamp tubes.
• sovtek 5ar4
• switchcraft jacks t’out.
• cabinet 18mm birch ply.
• amp weight 15.3 kg
• rrp. $2280